3 Steps to Modern Marketing

Act on it | Be Bold | and Share.

1. ACT ON IT- don't over-think it. even when you don't have Perfection, it's better to share your material with the world than to keep it in your head. Jon Acuff says it best, "90% perfect & published always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head." -@JonAcuff

2. SHARE YOUR GOALS- tell everyone your plans and what you wish to accomplish. this helps in two ways: you get to perfect it by sharing your ideas and getting other people's thoughts on the idea, and you get to spread your aspiration and get others interested in your plans & goals.

3. KEEP IT SIMPLE- make it easy to do business with you. Be ready and able to give more than you take. When it comes to doing business you don't want confusion, or hard sells. The best way to build a brand and a successful long-term business is to always make it easy to say yes.