5 things you should learn more about for your Startup

Starting a business can be one of the most exciting times in our life. we're creating something, most of the time out of nothing, that can impact a lot of people including yourself! It's natural that when thinking about your new product or service, a lot of times we tend to over-complicate the process. We want to change the world in a day. The truth is, it’s often too much, and too much will either slow you down or never get you started.

Here are five things you should learn more about as a Startup:

1.       Selling- get comfortable with selling. The truth is, every single job has some sort of sell... but as a business owner, your only chance at success is to get comfortable and good at selling yourself, your story, and your product & service.

2.       Business Plan- This is one of the most important steps to starting your business. Take time to put together a plan for your business, and don't forget to look at the big picture, the details, and an action plan.

3.       Content- We live in the age of the internet. The internet is content. Odds are you will have to produce content in your specific field to draw in, educate, and keep your clients. Content, including blogs, research, and education, can be very valuable and grow your business and your value over time. Our advice is to get started early.

4.       Taxes- Nobody likes to pay them. Yet, they affect all of us. The truth is, understanding taxes (and paying them correctly and on time) is one of the biggest hurdles of the small business owner. Get familiar with the taxes that will be involved in your business, and understand their purpose, and their deadlines, to help you better run your company.

5.       Tracking Performance- Keep track of your numbers. They will give you crucial information of how you are doing and will let you make short term and long term decisions going forward. Keeping track of things like visitors, conversion, email signups, etc. will help you understand your business and your customers better.

Our Simple Advice is to always be clear to your audience. Don’t do everything. Identify a niche, and START THERE.