One Cab Drive that changed my life


I was in Costa Rica on a beautiful summer day in 2012, we had planned an exciting full-day adventure and exploration that we knew would be unforgettable.

The funny thing is, I can't recall where we went that day, or even what activity we did. I can however, remember one life-changing conversation: On a cab.

As you might know, Mexicans have a cultural saying that goes "Si Dios Quiere".

It roughly translates to "God willing".

On the way home (yes our hotel was our Home... at least for that week) we were having a conversation with the cab driver,  about many little things, among them the beautiful weather, scenery, and amazing hospitality we had received during our stay. When we spoke about family, he was happy to tell us about his 5 beautiful kids and a wife that he was very happy to be sharing his life with... He said his hard work and long hard hours were very worth it for them and their happiness.

We took the opportunity to express how we (my wife and I) were planning to start a family soon, and God willing my wife would get pregnant without any complications.

This is the part where I threw in the typical "Si Dios Quiere" (God willing, we can live out this plan).

Well, The cab driver had a different thing in mind. he stopped the cab [in the middle of the road], looked over his shoulder and pointed a finger to the sky, replying "Dios SI quire!".

He said "my friend, in this life you have to realize you can't leave things to chance. You have to trust and believe they will happen. With that being said" the cab driver finished, "don't ever say 'Si Dios Quiere', now on replace it with 'Dios Si quire' and you will cut out the doubt. What you want (a family) will happen and you have to Trust it will."


WOW!!! Cut the doubt. Don't leave anything, especially your Life, to Chance. If you have been thinking about getting started, get started! if you have been wanting to get healthier, cut the doubt and go for it! if it is your own business you want to pursue, DO IT! Follow your passion, live your purpose, and get started!