It all started with an Idea.


After meeting with thousands of Small Business owners, and serving the Small Business community for over 9 years, we came to realize most small businesses out there are operating without a map.

A Plan. An incredibly crucial instrument to any business, big or small, was missing. Most business owners opened their doors without a Plan, and with no understanding of some of the core benefits that come with owning a business. Even then, a lot of business owners get by just fine without it. Most, however, do not. And we believe it is time for a change. We, like you, understand that Small Business is the driver of our economy. Out of almost 28 million small businesses in the US, about 22 million of them are self-employed and self-ran. The rest (about 6 million) produce over 65% of all jobs. More incredibly, about 543,000 new businesses are started each month!

This really inspires us. If we can tip the needle in this crucial moment, the “start”, we can help thousands of business owners create a better foundation for their business, and more importantly, help them be better informed to make healthier business decisions that will influence their long-term goals. 

"We have gone into business to make a difference by helping educate, prepare and inspire a whole new generation of entrepreneurs. To help them get started right."

We believe in Small Business. And we believe that having a plan, and getting the proper guidance in the beginning of your journey, is the most crucial step for Success. We’ll help setup and start your business right.

All great things start with an idea. And if you have that idea, if you have a passion, waiting to be shared with the world… Get it Started! We’ll help you get started, so you can take your idea from Dream, to Plan, to Reality.

Let's get you Started.