How you choose to manage your business defines you. Your decisions can either pull you away from reaching your goals, or they can bring you closer to achieving them.



SIMPLECORP™ Business Maintenance Services

We offer a simple, complete solution to keep your business in line. We will manage all the administrative burdens of keeping a business in good standing, so you can focus on what matters. Some of the things we can help with include:


  • Annual Report Filing 
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Non-Profit Bylaws
  • Church Bylaws
  • Corporate Minutes
  • Executive Summary
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • LLC Investor Agreement
  • Statement of Information
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Shareholder Proxy
  • Stock Certificates
  • Dissolution
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Amendments
  • Registered Agent Service


-What sets us apart-

SimpleCorp One-Page Setup™ – We promise our setup is the easiest and friendliest in the web. No Ads. No Confusion. 

Nave Availability Check – We will research & confirm your desired business name is available with your state to ensure a smooth experience for you.

Same Day Prep & Submission – We always Prepare & submit your documents immediately. No extra charges for "expedited" or "24-hour" document preparation & submission. We simply will  process your documents & articles of Incorporation or Organization as soon as we receive your order. And we will never charge you extra for it.

Unlimited Customer Support – Our friendly team is always one email or phone call away. We will always answer your questions quickly & try to keep our answers as simple as possible.

Official Filing of Articles – These are your official Articles of Incorporation/Organization filed with your state. We will always certify your articles with the state and send you the official stamped & certified copies with any order.

S-Corp Elections Filing – This is one of the most important steps of incorporating as a small business. Weather you're a Corporation or LLC, "pass through taxation" can be very desirable for small business owners. We will help you get this document filed with the IRS in a timely manner. 

Company Banking Resolution – This is the bank account authorization for officers/directors of a Corporation. This 'Banking Resolution' is often necessary to open a Business bank account for the new business entity.

Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN Number) – We will fill out and complete The IRS SS-4 Form and obtain your company's Employer Identification Number on your behalf.

Initial Report filing (Statement of Information) – This is one of the important forms often left undone by the other corporation websites. We will stay in touch with you to ensure your Initial Report is completed & filed in a timely manner.

Corporate Elections Form 2553 – This is another one of the important forms often left undone by the other corporation websites. We will make sure your corporate elections form is completed & filed timely to ensure your corporation's tax status is classified correctly by the IRS.

State Tax ID Application (Employers) – If you are hiring, this is a very important Tax ID Number. It is the application for a State Employer taxes and is often used to pay employee payroll & unemployment taxes. Don't worry, if you're planning on hiring, well help you get it done.

Custom Corporate Kit & Seal – This is fancy. But necessary for most professional corporations. Our Custom Corporate Kit & Seal will ensure you're ready to document your mandatory minutes meetings & manage other official documents.

Custom Corporate Bylaws & Minutes – These are your corporation's rules, elections, and Director formalities. It is important to have these filed and updated as required by law. We'll help you get them started.

Custom Stock Certificates – These are Stock Certificates customized for the officers/directors and owners that will own part of the corporation's issued stock.

Banking Resolution – This includes important Corporation or Organization information and is often necessary to open the corporation or LLC bank account. 

eDelivery/Standard/Next Day Delivery – Depending on your package, you will receive all your documents by either email (eDelivery) or a Standard/Next Day physical package by courier. 

Registered Agent Service – We include one year of FREE Registered Agent Service to all our clients. 

With your authorization, Simplecorp will serve as your registered agent for your new business entity.